Say Goodbye to Stubborn Creosote with Our Advanced PCR Solution

Is your chimney plagued by stubborn, glass-like creosote buildup? At Quality Fireplace in Waukesha, WI, we specialize in removing even the most challenging creosote deposits using our revolutionary Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR) technique. Say goodbye to the hassle and danger of glazed, 3rd degree creosote with our expert service!

Why Choose PCR Chimney Cleaning?

Quality Fireplace Roof & Chimney

The Ultimate Solution for Creosote Removal

Certain types of creosote, especially the glass-like coating known as glazed or 3rd degree creosote, are notoriously difficult to remove with standard chimney cleaning methods. That’s where our PCR (Poultice Creosote Remover) comes in. This cutting-edge method is the only effective and harmless way to tackle this tough problem.

Quality Fireplace Roof & Chimney

How Does PCR Work?

Our PCR technique leverages the centuries-old poultice method. By applying an absorbent substance directly to the creosote layer, PCR dissolves and absorbs the creosote as it dries. Once the PCR dries, it loses its adhesion and falls from the flue walls. Any remaining PCR can be easily removed with a standard chimney sweep, leaving your chimney clean and safe.

Benefits of Our Poultice Creosote Remover

  • Completely Removes 3rd Degree Glazed Creosote: No creosote is too tough for our PCR method.
  • Safe and Non-Destructive: Avoid potentially damaging cleaning methods with our gentle yet effective solution.
  • Quick and Efficient: Our PCR chimney cleaning process is designed to perform quickly, saving you time and hassle.

Get Started Today!

Don’t let stubborn creosote compromise your chimney’s safety. Call Quality Fireplace today to learn more about our PCR chimney cleaning services. Experience the difference of a clean, creosote-free chimney with our innovative poultice creosote remover technique. We’re here to help you maintain a safe and efficient fireplace.

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