Exterior Remodeling

Did you know that around 70% of homeowners underestimate their home’s curb appeal? We’re here to change that. With our focus on siding, windows, and doors, we’ll make sure your house isn’t just another statistic.

We’re not just about aesthetics; we prioritize benefits such as energy efficiency, value increase, and protection from the area’s unique weather patterns. As seasoned veterans, we’re also masters of Wisconsin building codes. Let’s innovate together and make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Chimney Rebuild | Quality Fireplace, Roof, & Chimney Services

Structural Framing

Ironically, people don’t often consider what’s behind our walls, but that’s where the backbone of any structure lies. Having mastered the art of structural framing, we employ innovative methods to enhance durability, stability, and sustainability. Our technical proficiency, detailed approach, and professional acumen ensure every structure withstands the harshest conditions and the test of time.

General Carpentry

At Quality Fireplace, Roof, & Chimney Services, our carpentry extends beyond mere construction—we sculpt dreams into reality. From bespoke outdoor furniture to decks to fences, we deliver works of art that are not just sturdy but aesthetically pleasing.

Trust us to deliver detail-oriented, clear, and concise work that transforms your property while maintaining a safe construction environment. Our creative problem-solving and cutting-edge carpentry innovations ensure every job exceeds expectations.