Comprehensive Chimney Cleaning Services

Our chimney sweeping service goes beyond the basic sweep and run. We provide a thorough inspection of your chimney from top to bottom. We inspect the bricks, crown, flue tiles, flashing, mortar, and caps at the top, and then go down to the basement to check the foundation and appliance venting systems. 

Our detailed process includes removing the damper to clean out any debris from behind the rain shelf—a step many other chimney cleaning services overlook. After sweeping the flue, we conduct a video scan to assess the condition of the tiles and joints for safety. We email the photos directly to you and provide a complete written report with an estimate for any necessary repairs.

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Inspection & Pricing for Chimney Cleaning

Before quoting a price or beginning any chimney cleaning, we always perform an inspection by our chimney sweepers to determine if cleaning is necessary. 

To prevent soot and flue debris from tracking into your home, we use plenty of drop cloths to protect the hearth and floor, along with additional runners for the carpet. If cleaning is not needed, you will only be charged for the trip and inspection report. The cost of cleaning depends on your type of chimney.

Special Considerations for Wood Stove Inserts

If you have a wood insert, which is a cast-iron stove inside a masonry chimney, it should be lined with a stainless steel liner. Inserts are designed to vent into a specifically-sized pipe. Without a liner, we would need to remove the insert, which can weigh up to 400 pounds, and haul it away. This removal exposes you to a high risk of a flue fire and is NOT recommended.

We perform a complete masonry sweep and scan. Since unlined inserts violate codes, we recommend removing and disposing of the unit. If your wood insert is lined, the cleaning costs are the same as for a regular masonry chimney.

Why Choose Our Chimney Sweeping Service?

  • Thorough Inspections: We inspect every part of your chimney, from top to bottom.
  • Safety First: Our process includes a video scan to ensure the safety of your flue tiles and joints.
  • Dust Control: We use advanced RO-VAC vacuum systems to contain soot and ash, preventing it from spreading through your home.
  • Professional Reporting: You will receive a detailed written report and photos of your chimney’s condition.

Detailed Cleaning Process by Our Chimney Cleaners

If you’re wondering how a professional does chimney cleaning, here’s an overview of what to expect when booking our profession chimney sweeping service

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Schedule An Appointment

Book your appointment in advance via phone call or online. You’ll get confirmation from our team along with a few instructions. During the call, our chimney cleaning expert will discuss with you the services you need and the best time to schedule the cleaning appointment.

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Prepare for Chimney Cleaning

Some of the instructions you may receive include the following:
– Avoid lighting your fireplace for at least 24 hours prior to cleaning.
– Make the fireplace accessible by removing any furniture around the area.
– Cover furnishings for easier cleanup after chimney sweeping. 

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Chimney Inspection

Our technicians will come in on the scheduled appointment and begin by inspecting and preparing the area. Our inspection includes a camera scan of the flue when accessible. For masonry fireplaces, we typically remove and replace the damper to thoroughly clean the smoke shelf.

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Chimney Sweeping & Report

We start the chimney cleaning process by removing the damper working downwards or from the flue then work upwards. We then clean the smoke shelf, smoke chamber, and firebox. We use RO-VAC vacuum systems to control dust and contain soot, ensuring even the smallest particles are captured, unlike with standard shop vacuums. After completing the chimney sweeping process, we make a thorough inspection and issue a report on the state of your fireplace and heat exhaust system.

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Keep your chimney in top condition. Choose our expert chimney cleaning service for a safe, clean, and well-maintained chimney.